The expert team at W.R. Painting Contract Corp. can handle all of your painting projects – inside and out. No matter how many rooms in your complex need painting, the W.R. Painting team will get to job done efficiently and on time!

  • Apartment Complexes – From multi-unit complexes to town-home style buildings

  • Condos – Standalone condominiums and multi-unit condo complexes

  • Hotels – Single room paint jobs or whole-building projects


Whether you’re in the process of creating a new office space or renovating your current property, W.R. Painting is up for the task. Our consistent, precise work will have your space looking clean and professional.

  • Office Buildings – From single rooms to full office overhauls

  • Partitions – Give your desk divider partitions a fresh new look


From small restaurant spaces to large, open churches, or even an entire school – W.R. Painting Contract Corp. can handle every job big or small!

  • Restaurants – Small, single-room operations, and multi-room projects

  • Schools – We can handle entire schools efficiently regardless of room count

  • Churches – Delicate and precise painting as well as general assembly room jobs


At W.R. Painting, we are always striving to stay up to date with the current technology in our field. Both to better serve our clients and to ensure that we are doing our best to be as efficient as possible. Using electrostatic paint sprayers has played a phenomenal part in speeding up our painting process while still ensuring that the overall quality of results remains to our high standards!


W.R. Painting also provides wall covering as an alternative to traditional wall painting services. If you’re looking for an extra flair or decorative element to stand out and add character to a room, our wall coverings can be a great choice! Contact us today to find out more.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal

No matter the painting project, you can trust our team’s expertise with over two decades of experience.